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What actions can I take in the Candidate Record?

Andrew -

Managers and Administrators can take the following action on a candidate:

  • Make Applicant
  • Request Interview
  • Interviewed
  • Offer Job
  • Hire Candidate
  • Save for Later
  • Remove Applicant
  • Remove Applicant - Send Rejection Message

To take action on a Candidate Record:

  • Click WorkSpaces.
  • Under your organization's name, click Administrator.
  • The Administrator WorkSpace or HOME tab will appear.  Click Candidates.
  • Candidates will display.  Click on the Candidate's Name to view the record in detail.  
  • In the record, click Candidate to view the available statuses.
      • Click Make Applicant to return the candidate to the applicant pool.
      • Click Request Interview to send an interview request message or call the individual; the status will update to Interview Requested.
      • Click Offer Job to send an offer job message; the status will update to Job Offered.
      • Click Hire Candidate to hire the candidate; the status will create the Team Member Record.
      • Click Save for Later to mark the applicant as saved.
      • Click Remove Candidate to remove the candidate om consideration; this status does not send notification to the candidate.
      • Click Remove Candidate - Send Rejection Message to remove the candidate from consideration; this status will prompt you with a message template to send to the candidate if an email address is on file.