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FAQ: How does the Good Impression scale work?

Andrew -

The Good Impression scale is based on a set of questions to specifically identify whether or not the person is exaggerating their good qualities or whether or not the person is trying to present an overly position image of themselves.   If they give too many answers that deny the presence of any problems, even those problems that most people find it easy to acknowledge, then we know they are likely trying to make a good impression. 

Both the Personality and Attitude assessments have Good Impression scales, consisting of different questions:

  • The applicant’s score on the Attitude Good Impression scale will impact their overall results.  That is, if the applicant scores a Red (Discontinue) on the Good Impression scale, their overall Attitude score will be Red (Discontinue).
  • The Personality Good Impression scale does not have a Red/Yellow/Green scoring and will NOT impact an applicant’s overall results.  In this case, the Good Impression scale is intended to be a gauge of how accurate the rest of their assessment results are likely to be.  High scores indicate that results should be interpreted with caution, while moderate scores suggest that the applicant responded candidly.