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KFC: How do I access Talent@KFC (PeopleMatter)?

Andrew -

KFC Administrators and Managers will access Talent@KFC through a link on TeamKFC.  

Talent@KFC is powered by PeopleMatter. 

  • This is called Single Sign-On or SSO.  
  • KFC Administrators and Managers do not log in to PeopleMatter directly.


Log in to TeamKFC.  To access Talent@KFC, click Go to Talent@KFC:


This table shows the Talent@KFC (PeopleMatter) Administrative Roles.

  • The Administrative Roles used by KFC Corporate are shown here.
  • The Franchisee has full control over assigning Administrative Roles; recommendations are shown here.
  • Administrative Roles are designated within YumTracker.  If you are the Administrator for your organization, log into YumTracker to grant administrative rights to individuals for Talent@KFC.  The Administrative User does not need to be added to PeopleMatter. 


  • If you need additional assistance accessing Talent@KFC, contact the KFC Help Desk: Live Chat from MERIT Desktop or 1-800-HELP-KFC (1-800-435-7532).