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KFC: Administrator - How do I add additional jobs?

Andrew -

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A standard set of eight jobs will be made available in your organization's Talent@KFC site.

If you need to add additional jobs, you are able to do so, but there are very specific requirements for integration to Merit and the KFC Career Page. Please follow these instructions carefully.

  • Job Category of KFC Franchisee must be updated for KFC Career Page integration to occur. 
  • Job Code must match information in Merit for integration to occur.
  • Description should be updated to post on KFC Career Page.

Note: If you are adding an Above Store Leader position, these will not integrate to Merit.


To add an additional job:

To access Jobs at any time, follow this path: Settings. Select your organization. → Company Settings/Jobs.


Note: All fields with a blue asterisk * are required.

  1. Click Add New
  2. Enter Title.
  3. Notice the checkbox "This is a managerial position." Hover your mouse of the Information Symbol to learn more.  If you check this box, the job will be marked as managerial.  Marking a job as managerial in the system restricts access to which System Administrators can view the position.  Business Unit Admins, which are typically store level managers, will not be able to view positions marked as managerial.
  4. Enter Job Code. You will need to add the same job code as you use in your payroll system.  If you do not use job codes within your payroll system, simply add a number or repeat the job title in that field.  Important: The Job Code field must match the information in Merit for integration to occur.
  5. For Pay Type, choose either Hourly or Salary from the drop-down menu. Important:  The Pay Type cannot be changed, so please ensure this is correct the first time you enter it. 
  6. Enter Description.  While this is not required, a Description is required if you have integration to Job Boards such as Indeed.  
  7. Enter Requirements and Additional Information, if applicable. 
  8. Skip Integration Fields.  
  9. Skip EEO Classifications unless you are a federal contractor.  If you need to enter this information, simply choose from the drop-down menu.
  10. For Job Category, ensure the selection is KFC Franchisee. Important: The Job Category is necessary for integration to the KFC Career Page. 

  11. Skip FLSA Status.
  12. The Locations within your organization appear in the Locations section. This section is used to indicate where the jobs that exist throughout your organization and which jobs/units are currently "Accepting Applications."  You will need to take the following action:
      • Scroll to the bottom of the job to the section called Locations. Here you will need to:
        1. Use the Organizational Chart icon to denote jobs that are "Eligible for Hire."  This denotes that this job exists at your organization.  Managers will see this job during the hiring process and be able to assign this job during the Hire Candidate workflow.
        2. Use the Megaphone icon to indicate that the job is "Accepting Applications."  Click the checkboxes to denote this job is accepting applications at the location.  This posts your jobs to the KFC Career Page.  
        3. Ignore the Letter I with Arrow icon.  This is used for integration with the Indeed job board which is being handled automatically through the KFC Career Page. 
  13. At the top of the form, ensure the status is turned to On.
  14. At the top of the form, notice that you can create a Spanish and/or French version of the Job. Important:  Talent@KFC will not translate this information for you; you will need to enter the text in Spanish and/or French if you choose to use this feature.
  15. Click Save



If you add a job, you may need to update additional settings:

  • Assessments
  • Pay Rates (if using)
  • Application Questions (if custom based on position)
  • Onboarding Tasks (if custom based on position)

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