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KFC: Corporate Manager Workflow - Background Checks (Sterling)

Andrew -

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KFC Corporate will be using Background Checks for the Shift Supervisor position and above.  

  • When hiring a Shift Supervisor or above, you will see the Background Checks tab appear when the individual is made a candidate.  
  • Applicants to positions requiring a Background Check will have already signed consent during the application process.  
  • When you click Background Checks, you will see information regarding the most recent consent form or the ability to send a consent form if needed.   On the Run New Background Check tab, select the background check package from the drop-down list.

  • After you select the Background Check package, you will be prompted to complete information regarding the candidate.  Information will fill in automatically from the candidate’s PeopleMatter application.  All fields with a blue asterisk are required.  When finished entering the required information, click Run.
      • If you do not know the information needed, you can click “request additional information” which will send a message to the candidate to submit the information needed.  After the candidate submits the information, the background check request will be sent to Sterling.  

  • You will use the Background Checks dashboard, available from the Administrator Home WorkSpace, to view the status of background checks for your candidates.  There are four statuses you will see: 
      • Proceed - you can move forward with the hiring process.  
      • Processing/Pending Review - the background check is under review.
      • Discontinue - you will need to remove the candidate from consideration.
      • Note: If you see Awaiting Info under Consent/Required Info, the candidate still needs to submit information to Sterling.  
      • For KFC Corporate, LaShonda Johnson will be reviewing background checks and managing this process.  If you have questions regarding a candidate, you can speak to her directly.