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KFC: Administrator Opt-In to Tax Credits with Neon TaxBreak

Andrew -

KFC Franchisees are able to opt-in to using Tax Credit Processing with Neon TaxBreak. 

To learn more about this feature, click here to watch a demonstration video: Tax Credits Demo Video

Complete these steps to use Tax Credits with Neon TaxBreak:

  1. Locations Settings: Client logs into PeopleMatter. Clicks Settings.  Clicks Locations.   
    • Client updates each location with FEIN.  Clicks Save for each location
  2. Tax Credit Settings:  Client clicks Settings.  Clicks Tax Credits.
    • Client enters Primary Contact, Secondary Contact, and Fiscal Year End Date, then clicks Save.
  3. Client clicks below to download the Neon Contract and Power of Attorney.
    • Note: Neon TaxBreak requires forms to be returned with original signature.
  4. Client completes and mails forms to Neon Tax Break:
    PeopleMatter TCP
    P.O. Box 8427
    Gadsden, AL 35902
  5. Client complete configurations below:

Required: Onboarding Task:

  • Click Settings.  Select your organization. 
  • Click Onboarding.
  • Set Tax Credit Eligibility task to Everyone.

Optional: To pre-screen applicants on the job application:

  • Click Settings.  Select your organization.
  • Click Application Questions.
  • Set Tax Credit Eligibility section to Everyone.

Please note that Neon TaxBreak requires additional training.

Forms to Print, Sign, and Send to Neon TaxBreak: