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New hire Onboarding redirects to HOME page

Amy -


ISSUE: In some cases, a new hire may click on Complete Onboarding and be redirected to their Employee Home page rather than the Onboarding start page.

You Click Complete onboarding now:

You redirect to the following Home page:


ROOT CAUSE: We have found that this is occurring due to the New Hire being currently OR previously employed with another PeopleMatter customer. The Employee used the same login information for the other business as well and has a blocking Action Item (found under Notifications).


1) IF the new hire is currently active at the other business, please have them click on Notifications (next to Workspaces) and complete any action items found.

2) If the new hire is NOT active at the other business, please contact PeopleMatter Support using one of the options found here. Our team will need to involve our Developers to fix this on the backend.

Internal Only: SD-1693