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Message Templates: How do I edit Onboarding Message Templates? (video)

Andrew -

Under Company Settings, the Message Templates section allows the Administrator to configure the message templates used by managers during the hiring and onboarding process.  

The following Message Templates are available:

  • Hire/Onboarding
  • Hire/Onboarding (Account Not Activated)
  • Indeed Apply
  • Manager Complete Onboarding
  • New Applicant
  • Offer
  • Rejection Message
  • Request Interview

As it relates to Onboarding Message Templates, please note the following:

  • Hire/Onboarding and Hire/Onboarding (Account Not Activated) are used by the manager to initiate the onboarding process at the end of hiring the candidate.  It is recommended that you turn both of these templates on.  The system will know which message to send, and will prompt the new hire appropriately to create an account if not yet created. 
  • Manager Complete Onboarding is used to trigger an email to the manager to complete the onboarding process for the employee.  If activated, this message template will trigger automatically to the manager after the employee completes their steps within the onboarding process.  If an email address is listed in the manager’s PeopleMatter account, the manager will receive an email.  The manager will also receive a message in their PeopleMatter Message Center.  

To access Message Templates at any time, follow this path: Settings. Select your organization. → Company Settings/Message Templates.

Message Templates appear on the left.  You can use the templates as is or you can modify them to meet your organization's needs.

To edit a Message Template:

  • Click on the Template Name from the left. 
  • Ensure the Status to set to On if you want to use the template.
  • You can edit the following fields:
      • Select Reply to Email:  Use the drop down menu to make a selection.
      • Subject
      • Message Text
  • You can use the following tools:
      • Under Insert into Message, you can click on the buttons to insert default text.
      • For Subject and Message Text, you can click Add Spanish Translation or Add French Translation to create additional versions.  Important:  PeopleMatter will not translate this information for you; you will need to enter the text in Spanish and/or French if you choose to use this feature.
      • To revert the template to its original version, you can click PeopleMatter Template
  • Click Save


  • "Manager's Phone" is the manager's personal number listed in their Team Member Record. Please change this option to "Location Phone" if you'd like to pull the location's phone number instead.

For additional training regarding Message Templates, please view the Configure Onboarding Message Templates eLearning Lesson: