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KFC: Manager Workflow - Required Manager Onboarding Tasks

Andrew -

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Within Onboarding, the Manager's Tasks section serves as a checklist for the manager to ensure they have completed all of the necessary steps to successfully onboard a new team member to the location and organization.

  • Talent@KFC separates tasks that are needed across the company, listed as Company Items.
  • Talent@KFC also separates tasks that are needed specific to the location where the team member will work.
  •  As a manager, your role is to ensure all tasks have been completed.

To view Manager Onboarding Tasks:

  • Click WorkSpaces
  • Click Administrator.
  • The Administrator WorkSpace or HOME tab will appear.  Click Team Members
  • Team Members will display.  Click on the Team Member's Name to view their record in detail.  
  • Click on the Onboarding tab.
  • You will see Manager's Tasks.  Here you will complete the checklist set up by your Administrator. Click each checkbox to indicate completion or click the link to take additional action. 
      • Important Note: Completing Section II of the I-9, EEO Identifiers, and the Select Team Member Role Task is required for employee data to be sent to Merit.

  • For the Select Team Member Role task, you will need to indicate the specific position. This is required for integration to Merit and will trigger the new hire's training in Merit.