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KFC: Administrator Opt-In to E-Verify

Andrew -

KFC Franchisees are able to opt-in to using E-Verify.  

To learn more about this feature, click here to watch a demonstration video: E-Verify Demo Video

Complete these steps to use E-Verify:

  1. Client sends an email to PeopleMatter Support at"I agree that PeopleMatter will be our E-Verify employer agent and [INSERT SIGNER NAME HERE] will sign the E-verify Memorandum of Understanding.”  
      • Include:
        • Legal Company Name
        • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN):
        • Total Number of Employees
        • Company Physical Address:
        • KFC Location Number(s):
  2. Note: These above fields will need to be completed for each Legal Entity that employees will be hired into and processed through E-Verify. If all of your KFC locations fall under one legal entity, this will only need to be completed once.
  3. PeopleMatter Support will  send an E-Verify MOU to the Client.
  4. Client signs and returns E-Verify MOUs to PeopleMatter Support.
  5. PeopleMatter establishes integration to E-Verify.
  6. Client views eLearning Lesson: Onboarding Configure E-Verify Settings
  7. Client logs into PeopleMatter to Configure E-Verify Settings.