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How does an Employee complete an Action Item?

Andrew -

Team Members can complete Action Items in two ways:

  • Using PeopleMatter on the web
  • Using the PeopleMatter Mobile App

Team Members can receive notifications of new Action Items in three ways:

  • If the team member has an email address on file, the team member will receive an email which will prompt them with a link to log in to PeopleMatter and complete the Action Item.  
  • If the team member does not have an email address on file, the team member will view the Action Item from Notifications within their PeopleMatter account.
  • If the team member is using the PeopleMatter Mobile App, the team member can complete theAction Item from their mobile device. This only applies to company-created action items.

To complete Action Items using PeopleMatter on the web:

  • When the team member logs into PeopleMatter, they will see Action Required under Notifications.  Click Notifications, select your organization. 


  • The Notifications will display. Click the hyperlink to take action. 


  • This is a view of how an Action Item displays.  At the top, there is an indication of what must be completed. The Action Item prompts the team member on what action to take.  Follow the prompts to complete the Action Item.


  • After completing the Action Item, the notification will update.


  • Completed Action Items can also be viewed by the team member from the WorkFile under the My Documents tab along with other e-signed documents.

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