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Heartland: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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Access / User Rights

Q: Will all store level teammates have access to all functions on PeopleMatter?

A: Store Managers and above, will all have the ability to hire, edit work related information, such as transfers, separations, and DOH.  Not all users will have the ability to edit pay rates at this time.  To edit pay rates, contact your HR Manager.

Q: Will Assistant Managers have access to the PeopleMatter system?

A:  Only Store Managers and above will be granted access, at this time.


Q: What happens when a new hire makes a mistake on the online application?  Can they do it again?

A: If they make a mistake on the application, they can reapply.  If they make a mistake, in onboarding, the NEO or Store Manager can resend the onboarding steps. To resend the onboarding steps, the Manager will need to contact PeopleMatter support.  Once Support resets the teammates onboarding page, the Manager will be able to resend the onboarding email from the “Onboarding/Team Member’s Task” page.

Q: When can we archive applicants that we are definitely not interested in contacting?

A: You can "remove" applicants and candidates at any time from your applicant and/or candidate pool(s).  It is recommended that you do, once you determine they are not a good fit.  Managers will be able to access the record, in the future, should they ever need to.

Q: Is an applicant able to submit an application multiple times for the same location?

A: Yes, because this is an online solution you may have multiple applications from the same candidate.  As long as the applicant reapplies with the same email, the system will show all the history, under one record.

Q: Will the applicant be able to apply again at a later time and get a different assessment?

A: The assessment stays with the applicant.  This means that they will not be able to retake the assessment.  When, they reapply the original results are tied to his or her record.  

Q: If an applicant can’t for some reason obtain access to a computer or Internet can they apply any other way?

A:  We will no longer be accepting paper applications.  Therefore, applicants can go to their local library, unemployment center, or use a friend or family member’s computer.  If not available, it is up to the discretion of the Store Manager, whether or not they will allow the application to apply using a store computer.


Q: Will current applicants be put in the system?

A:  Current applicants will not be transferred over.  If a Manager is interested in moving forward with a candidate, it is recommended that the Manager direct the applicant to apply on the Careers page which will direct them to PeopleMatter.

Q: Will we receive email alerts when we receive a new application?

A:  Email alerts are not sent when an application is submitted.  Managers will want to regularly log in to PeopleMatter to search and review applicants.  

Q: Are there job descriptions on this site?

A:   Job descriptions are posted on the application.  Applicants are able to view the job descriptions prior to selecting the job they are applying for.

Background and Drug Checks

Q: Who initiates the background process?

A: After a Store Manager identifies a qualified candidate and conducts the proper interviews, the Store Manager will start the background process through PeopleMatter under the Background tab.

Q:  Who do I contact if the candidate is in “pending review” stage and I have a question?

A:  Corporate HR will continually monitor anyone in a “pending” status. You can send an email to Shekela Jernigan after 4 business days to inquire about pending backgrounds.

Q:  How much time does an applicant have to report to the Lab/Collection site?

A:  They will have 48 hours from the time the request is submitted. After 48 hours, the candidate is not eligible to be hired. Any exceptions need to be directed to your HR Manager.

Hire / Teammates

Q: When will the new teammates information be transferred to the POS system?

A: Payroll will have the new team member entered into POS, within two business days of the NEO Class.

Q: How will we be receiving the Quality Inspection Code # required for the POS system?

A:  This process remains the same.  You will continue to obtain this information from Payroll.

Q: Will current teammates and termed employees be included in the system?  

A:  Current teammates will be added to the system, in coordination, with the final rollout.  You will need to continue to process changes, for existing teammates following the same process you do today, until told otherwise.

Termed employees will not be added to the system.

Q: I am a Store Manager and want to pay someone above the range that I am allowed under the Wage Guidelines.  What do I do?

A:  You will be required to obtain approval from your District Manager.  If the amount is above the District Manager’s approval maximum, additional approvals may be required from the Regional Vice President and / or Senior Vice President.

Q:  The new teammates NEO class date has changed.  How do I correct it in the system?

A:  There are two places to change the date.  You will need to change the date under the teammates “Hire date” on the “Work Info” page of their record.  Separately, when completing Part 2 of the I9, you will also be required to update the date in the “Acceptance” section.  


Q: Are any documents sent via email required to be notarized?

A:  There are not any documents, at this time, that require notarization.

Q: What app do I download to transfer a teammates Driver’s License, if they qualify for the tax credit?

A:  Download the “TaxBreak” app for your iPhone or Android device. If you are not able to use the TaxBreak app, you will need to make a copy of the Drivers License.

Q:  What steps do I need to do when completing E-Verify?

A:  To learn more about the steps required, watch this 6 minute video  Remember for every new hire case, you will be required to “Close” the case, even if the teammate is “Authorized to work”.


Q:  If I have a technical question or a problem on PeopleMatter, who do I contact?

A:  Contact PeopleMatter Support:

Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 11:30 pm Eastern Time at 877-354-2266 or email at