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Heartland: Labor Budget and Projected hours in SCHEDULE

Andrew -

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The analytics team at Heartland creates a file for the allowed budgeted hours per week and adds it to an SFTP site. A PeopleMatter file processor runs every 4 hours to break down the file and an API adds the budgeted hours to SCHEDULE for each location.

Budgeted hours are only visible in Day view, not Week view. The system uses the imported budgeted hours and the employee scheduled hours to calculate total variance. Budgeted data is location specific, therefore can vary by location.



If a 0 displays in the Budgeted area, this is not an error - this occurs if the file included a 0 for a particular timeframe.

If a section is blank, the user needs to ensure at least one job has been added to the schedule period in question. Once a job is added, the Labor Requirements show up in the calendar view for that period immediately. 

If the budgeted hours do not populate after a job has been added, email Please include location number and week in question. We need to determine if 1. we received the file and 2. did we run the file processor.

The absence of budgeted hours does not prevent Heartland Managers from creating a SCHEDULE, it only prevents them from including their budgeted hours. 

To note, PeopleMatter cannot alter the files posted to the SFTP site. PeopleMatter cannot clone budgeted hours from one store and apply to another. Heartland will need to create a new file, upload to the SFTP site, and wait 5 hours for the next sweep in the event a location is missing from the initial import.