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Bulk Upload: How do I download the Team Member PeopleMatter CSV Template for Employees?

Andrew -

The Team Member PeopleMatter CSV Template can be used to bulk upload current employees into PeopleMatter.  This is typically done in the following instances:

  • You want to add Administrative Users, such as Human Resources Staff or Managers, or
  • You want to add current employees. (There are considerations to this process; contact a PeopleMatter Representative for more information.)

Save a copy of the template on your computer.  

If a PeopleMatter Representative is assisting you in uploading this information, do NOT email the completed template.  The PeopleMatter Representative will instruct you on how to provide the file in a secure way.

To download the CSV Template for Team Members:

  • To access Team Members at any time, follow this path: Settings. Select your organization.  → Company Settings/Team Members.  You may see Team Members as Employees, Staff Members, or Associates.  

  • Click Download PeopleMatter CSV Template


  • The file will download to your computer.  
  • Complete the required information.  
  • Save the file on your computer. 

If you are going to upload this information, refer to the related articles for more information. 

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