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Set-Up: How do I configure Background Checks with Sterling?

Andrew -

After you receive confirmation that your Background Checks settings are available within your PeopleMatter site, the Implementation Consultant assigned to your organization will assist you in completing the final configurations listed below to enable background checks for the jobs at your organization. 

How to enable background checks for a job:

  • Settings. Select your organization. FEATURES & ADD-ONS/Background Checks.


  • Your list of jobs will appear on the left.  By default, background checks are turned off for each job, so you can decide which jobs you want to enable background checks.
  • To enable a background check for a specific job, click on the Job Title.
  • To enable the background check, select Background Check On.
      • If you want to only utilize specific background check packages, choose Background Check On - Limited and choose the specific packages from the drop-down list.
  • When finished, click Save.
  • Follow these steps for any job that you want to enable background checks.


Background Check Global Settings:

  • Packages:
      • The Implementation Consultant will assign the appropriate packages to your account based on your contract with Sterling. Do NOT change these. 


There are additional global settings that you can choose to configure.

  1. User Settings: 
      • These features help identify who can run background checks and who can view reports, based on PeopleMatter Administrative Roles. 
      • To enable a feature, click the checkbox. Follow any necessary prompts.
  2. Notifications:
      • This feature allows for notifications to be sent when the background check is complete.
      • Check the checkboxes next the specific PeopleMatter Administrative Roles; users assigned to those roles will receive notifications.
          • Notifications on the main toolbar within PeopleMatter.
          • Notifications Dashboard on the Administrator WorkSpace (Home tab).
  3. Minors:
      • This feature requires a background check for minors. If you want to enable this setting, check the checkbox.


Background Checks & Administrative Roles:

  • There is some additional information to review as it relates to background checks and administrative roles.
  • The following PeopleMatter Administrative Roles can submit background checks and review results:
      • Financial Admins
      • Primary Admins
      • Business Admins
  • The following PeopleMatter Administrative Roles can submit background checks, but they can only view results if configured:
      • Human Resources Managers
  • The following PeopleMatter Administrative Roles cannot submit background checks or view results, unless configured:
      • Business Unit Admins
      • Custom Store Managers
  • As long as the background check has been submitted by an administrator, the manager can proceed with the hiring process, if configured.

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