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How do I enable job specific onboarding tasks when an additional position is added to the Team Member's record?

Andrew -

Often there are some job specific onboarding tasks the employee and/or manager need to complete as a part of the onboarding process.  Sometimes an additional position is added to the Team Member's record after initial onboarding is completed.  However, there is no need to complete company level onboarding tasks, such as the I-9, so enabling onboarding from the employee record is not an option.  PeopleMatter has a setting that allows you to enable job specific onboarding tasks to be assigned when adding an additional position to the Team Member's record.

To enable this feature:

  • Settings. Select your organization. → Company Settings/General Settings.
  • Under the Onboarding section, click the checkbox When adding a job, start all location/job specific tasks for the newly added jobs.  Click Save



  • With this setting enabled, when the additional position is added, the Manager will be prompted to send an onboarding request to the Team Member to complete the additional tasks.  The Team Member and Manager can complete onboarding for the additional tasks as they usually do.