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Reports: Onboarding

Andrew -

The following reports are useful for data regarding Onboarding:

Custom Onboarding Question Answers

View the answers to chosen onboarding questions for all new hires over a given period of time.

Employees Onboarding

Information about your employees and their onboarding status. Includes Home Location Name  & Number, Primary Job, and User Name.

Employee Protected Class Data

Protected class information for employees.  

Federal contractors are required to collect this information.  A company that has had a judgement placed against them for unfair hiring practices would need to collect this information for reporting purposes. 

Track and export race and ethnicity/gender, veteran, and disability information.

E-Verify Status Report

Information on E-Verify cases and their current and previous status.

E-Verify Training Report

Status and results of administrators who are required to take training. 

I9 Audit

Use this data to perform internal checks of I-9 data.  This report will allow for an export of data to ensure no data is missing and provide analysis of the data that has been collected.  

Includes Section 1, 2 and 3 data. 

Filter on Section 2 data by List A, B and C (e.g. only show List A).

If an employee’s I-9  information has been updated via a receipt scenario, the new data will display on the report with the old data crossed out on the report.

The report will show if Section 1 documentation expiration dates are different from Section 2 documentation expiration dates to ensure data accuracy.

I-9 Reverification

I-9 Document expiration information for employees.


Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of reports.  All available reports can be found in the Reporting Library. 


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