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Reports: Employee Data

Andrew -

The following reports are useful for data regarding Employee Data:

Employee Assessments

Assessment Results for employees by location and for a specific date range.

Employee Birthdays

Birthday information for active employees.  Birth month and birth day will display, but year/age are kept confidential.

Employee Census

Information about all currently active employees.  Includes Home Location Name  & Number, Primary Job, and User Name.

EEO Reporting

PeopleMatter does not file EEO Reports on behalf of clients, as EEO Reports require data on the entire employee base.   PeopleMatter only has the EEO data for employees onboarded with PeopleMatter.  

The Employee Census Report was built to help employers complete the EEO-1 report.   This is a great data source – it tells the employer what employees disclosed for EEO during onboarding, as well as if they Opted Out so that the employer may visually identify employees. 

Employee Protected Class Data

Protected class information for employees.  

Federal contractors are required to collect this information.  A company that has had a judgement placed against them for unfair hiring practices would need to collect this information for reporting purposes. 

Track and export race and ethnicity/gender, veteran, and disability information.

Employees Onboarding

Information about your employees and their onboarding status.


Information about separated employees, why they were separated, and their rehire eligibility.


Information on separated employees with specifics on location and business turnover for a specified period of time. 


Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of reports.  All available reports can be found in the Reporting Library. 


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