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Reports: Jobs, Locations, Administrative Roles

Andrew -

The following reports are useful for data regarding Jobs, Locations, and Administrative Roles.


Job Data and Custom Integration Fields

View the general information of all of your company’s positions. Displays each job’s code, background check requirement, active status, managerial position status, pay type, department, and more.

Location Data and Custom Integration Fields

View the important data of your company’s locations.  Displays each location’s unit number, status, activation date (and deactivation date if applicable), their E-verify eligibility, address, and more.

Administrative User Roles

View who has access in the system based on PeopleMatter Administrative User Roles.

Identify store managers who have senior-level permissions, so you can limit their access to sensitive data and certain system actions, significantly decreasing your risk.


Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of reports.  All available reports can be found in the Reporting Library. 


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