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How do I update documentation entered as a receipt on the I-9?

Andrew -

What is a receipt as it relates to I-9?

  • A receipt is a copy of a document presented to verify identity and employment eligibility.
  • A receipt may only be accepted for the replacement of a lost, stolen, or damaged document.
  • The validity period for a receipt is 90 days from the hire date.
  • At the end of the receipt validity period, the actual document for which the receipt was issued must be presented. 

How does a Manager indicate a receipt of a document?

  • Managers indicate that a document is a receipt when originally completing Section 2 of the I-9.  
  • In this case, Managers click the "This document is a receipt" checkbox within Step 3 of Section 2. 


How does a Manager indicate updated documentation for the previous receipt?

  • Administrators and Managers can use the I-9 Documentation Dashboard to access individuals who need updated work documentation for receipts on an I-9.  The system will not notify you when a receipt must be updated; you will need to use the I-9 Documentation Dashboard to access this information.

To access the I-9 Documentation Dashboard:

  • Click WorkSpaces.
  • Under your organization's name, click Administrator.
  • The Administrator WorkSpace or HOME tab will appear.  Click I-9 Documentation

  • A list of Team Members will appear.  The status for each individual will display on the right.
  • You can search for a Team Members by name or use Filters to narrow down your search.
      • Use the I-9 Status filter for Update Work Documentation.


  • The Team Member's status will display on the right and appear with Update Work Documentation. Click the information symbol "i" if you need additional details. 


  • Click Actions.  Click Update Work Documentation.


  • You will be prompted to update the document.  Enter the Document Number and Expiration Date. Continue to complete the I-9 as you normally would.



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