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Microsite Career Page FAQs

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What is a Microsite?

The Career Microsite is a stand-alone page that we create using your custom content. The page links directly to your open positions within PeopleMatter and is a great way for applicants to learn more about your company and the current available jobs.

Do you have any examples?

Map -

Table -

Multi-Brand - (Note: The logo shown is a composite of all logos within one image file)

How do I submit content and images?

All Microsite materials must be submitted through

What are the image size and file requirements?

Each image element has different requirements.

Logo – eps  - no specific size requirement, any other file type 400 px min

Full Width – 1300 x 800 pixels, jpeg preferred

Content – 450 x 350 pixels, jpeg preferred

What are the video requirements?

Videos must be hosted on YouTube. We ask that the video be submitted in the form of the link to the video on YouTube.

How many branding colors are allowed and how do I submit my color?

At this time only one branding color can be used. The branding color must be submitted in hexadecimal value.

Is there a default branding color?

No. The developers will try to match the most prominent color from your logo if no branding color is provided.

Do we have to use all the content boxes? (Content boxes are the elements showing text areas with images to the left or right).

No. You can use up to three content boxes, but are not required to submit any content, images or videos.

What is Geolocation and how does it work?

The Microsite searches for the users IP address and automatically adjusts the map or table to the user’s location.

Please be aware that some browsers do not support this, and it will not work. Other browsers will force the user to accept that the website uses their location. This is something we cannot change, as it's a security feature within the browser

What will the domain name (URL) look like?

All URLs will be a sub domain of "". You will be asked to provide how you’d like your company name to appear the final URL will look like this: “"

Can I have a custom domain name (URL)?

A custom domain name would be considered a customization. Please speak to your Account Executive, Client Executive  or Implementation Consultant for a quote.

How can I make changes or update content?

After the initial build phase, you are allowed one round of edits before we mark the project as complete. Once the Microsite is confirmed complete, any changes are considered a customization and require a change order through your Account Executive.

What is a customization?

You are only able to control the content that is submitted through . Any other changes are considered a customization and will require a change order before any work is begun. Examples of common customizations are:

    • Multiple Pages
    • Job Categorizations
    • Changing “Apply Now” Links
    • Hiding Specific Locations