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What Employee Tasks come as default within PeopleMatter?

Andrew -

The following Employee Tasks come as default within PeopleMatter:


What to Expect The Employee will be able to read information on: What Employee Needs to complete onboarding and How Long It Takes to complete onboarding.
Your Information The Employee will provide basic Demographic Information.
Emergency Contact The Employee will provide Emergency Contact Information.
Employment Eligibility (I-9) The Employee will complete Section I of the I-9.
Federal Withholding (W-4) The Employee will complete W-4.
State Withholding The Employee will complete State Withholding, if applicable. 
Tax Credit Eligibility This only appears if your organization is contracted to use Tax Credit Processing.  If so, the Employee has the option to answer the Tax Credit Questionnaire.
Payment Method The Employee will provide payment information. Your organization can offer Direct Deposit, Paycard, or Physical Paycheck.
Health Conditions & Reporting The Employee will provide information regarding Health Conditions. 
Equal Employment Opportunity The Employee can choose to self identify their race, gender, and ethnicity. There is also a Manager Task that can be utilized if the Employee did not self identify.
Veterans Employers who have contracts with the federal government are required to report on the veteran status of their applicants and employees. Employers may also choose to proactively recruit and employ veterans.

To assist with this, PeopleMatter has the Veteran fields as an employee Onboarding task to give the employee another chance to identify as a protected veteran.  This information will be kept separate from the employee record, but will be available in a data export.

Disabilities Federal Contractors are required to actively recruit and report on disabled individuals. Therefore, they are allowed to ask individuals about disabilities during the Application and Onboarding process.

To support this, PeopleMatter has included Section 503 Invitation to Identify Disability forms in English and Spanish. Only federal contractors and subcontractors, or employers covered by another federal law or regulation, are allowed to invite individuals with disabilities to identify themselves on a job application or during the Onboarding process. All other employers should leave this feature turned off.

For federal contractors and subcontrators, this information will be kept separate from the employee record but available in a data export.