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Sonic: Administrator - Training

Andrew -

Sonic Franchisee Administrators have access to all of the training resources listed below.  

Simply click the links for each item to take you to the resource. 


Sonic Franchisee Administrator Access One Primary Administrator will be granted access when the organization's PeopleMatter site is created.  Look for an email from “” regarding account creation. Create your PeopleMatter account as soon as possible once you receive the email. 

Sonic Franchisee Crosswalk / FAQs

This resource is full of commonly asked questions and provides details on what you can expect as you get started. It is recommended that you read this document prior to viewing the Sonic Administrator Training Video.  
Sonic Administrator Training Video 

View the Training Video posted below.  This session will cover the necessary steps to configure settings for applicant tracking and onboarding, and prepare you to go-live with PeopleMatter.  

Sonic Administrator
Go-Live Checklist
The Sonic Administrator Go-Live Checklist will guide you through all of the necessary steps to configure the Settings in PeopleMatter and prepare your Managers to use the system. It is recommended that you view the Training Video first, then access the Go-Live Checklist to complete the necessary steps.