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What browsers and computing platforms work with PeopleMatter?

Andrew -

PeopleMatter supports the following browsers on a Windows-based PC or an Apple Macintosh:

    • Administrators and Team Members – Latest version plus one prior for the following browsers:
      • Internet Explorer
      • Mozilla Firefox
      • Google Chrome
      • Safari
      • Microsoft Edge browser (Windows 10)
    • Job Application:
      • Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11
      • Mozilla Firefox (latest release plus one prior)
      • Google Chrome (latest release plus one prior)
      • Safari (latest release plus one prior)
      • Microsoft Edge browser (Windows 10)
      • In addition, the Job Application is supported on mobile devices running iOS and Android

In addition, the Job Application is supported on any device, PC, smartphone, or tablet, using any of the supported browsers listed above. 

Employees may now access Onboarding using a mobile device.


  • Administrative use of PeopleMatter on tablets and smartphones is supported on the PeopleMatter app for iOS and Android.  
  • Administrative use of PeopleMatter on mobile web is not fully supported.
  • Internet Explorer 8, Opera, and mobile browsers are not supported.
  • The PeopleMatter platform includes reports generated by Jaspersoft.  They are not supported on the Safari browser due to a security hole with that browser beyond our control.