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How do I set up Job Board Integration with CareerBuilder?

Andrew -

Do I need a CareerBuilder account to post jobs from PeopleMatter to CareerBuilder?

  • Yes, you need a separate CareerBuilder account.
  • Your organization's payment information must be accurate with CareerBuilder.
  • Your CareerBuilder account must be set up to work with third parties, such as PeopleMatter’s applicant tracking system, in order for the job posting to go live.
  • If unsure of the above, contact your CareerBuilder Sales Representative.

What configurations are needed to post jobs to CareerBuilder?

  • In Job Boards, click Add Credentials, enter your valid CareerBuilder Vendor ID, and click Save


  • Click the Job Postings tab to add postings.  Click Add New.


  • Follow the prompts to:
      • Select a Location, click Next. (Only one location may be selected per posting.)
      • Select the specific Jobs for that location, click Next
      • The job posting information will appear.  Information will pre-populate based on the job within your PeopleMatter system.  Complete the additional required fields. Click Next.
      • Repeat the last step for any additional jobs.  Click Next.
      • You will receive a confirmation message and reminder about payment.  Click Save.


  • Under Job Postings, you will see a dashboard with a list of all postings and associated statuses of Posted, Pending, or Failed.
      • If the job posting failed, the user is not able to edit credentials and “re-initiate” the same posting. The previous posting’s information is not saved in our database; therefore, the user will have to add a new posting. Their CareerBuilder account should not be charged until the posting status reads “Posted.”
      • Note: The posting duration for all jobs posted through PeopleMatter is 30 days and begins the day the posting is live.