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Create Schedules: How do I create a template?

Andrew -

Administrators and Managers can create templates that can be used to create future schedules.  The template feature is ideal for schedules that an Administrator or Manager would use during a certain week each year or holiday. 

What does a template save?

  • Shifts for a full week under a specific position

What doesn't a template save?

  • Tasks Assigned
  • Employee Names


To create a template:

  • Open the unit's schedule and proceed to the schedule you want to use to create a template.
  • On the top, click Additional Actions and click Save as Template.                 

  • Select the departments, areas, or jobs to be included in this template. Click Next.


  • You will be prompted to enter a Template Name.  You have the option to enter a Template Description.  Click Save.

  • You will receive notification that the template has been created.  You can proceed to view the template. 


To apply a template to a schedule:

  • Open the unit's schedule and proceed to the week you want to apply a template.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click Templates.

  • Your templates will appear.
  • Next to the template you wish to add, click the arrow and click Apply to schedule.

  • Follow the remaining prompts to select the schedule week where you want to apply the template. You can proceed to edit the new schedule.