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Manager Workflow: How do I complete Tax Credit processing?

Andrew -

Tax Credit Processing allows your organization to ask new hires to complete the 8850 Form, which is a questionnaire related to tax credit eligibility.  The new hire can voluntarily answer these questions, and the organization can view individuals who pre-qualify for tax incentives.  The new hire completes the questionnaire as part of their onboarding tasks.

To view Tax Credits:

  • Click WorkSpaces
  • Click Administrator.
  • The Administrator WorkSpace or HOME tab will appear.  Click Team Members
  • Team Members will display.  Click on the Team Member's Name to view their record in detail.  
  • Click on the Onboarding tab.
  • You will see Manager's Tasks, Team Member's Tasks, and Tax Credits.  Click Tax Credits
  • There are three statuses you will see related to Tax Credits:
      • Not Pre-Screened - The new hire did not complete the tax credit questionnaire. You can resend them the questionnaire to complete.  
      • Pre-Qualified/Qualified - The new hire is eligible for tax credits.  You will need to follow the steps to process the tax credits.  Click the link called “download the instructions” which will provide you with the steps you need to complete.  This typically includes proof of age and proof of residency.  
      • Not Pre-Qualified/Not Qualified - The new hire is not eligible for tax credits.  In this scenario, there is nothing you need to do.


Not Pre-Screened:

  • Click Request TCQ Completion.


  • Click the link called “download the instructions” which will provide you with the steps you need to complete.  
  • If the new hire is eligible for tax credits, Managers will need to submit proof of age or proof of residency (and possibly additional information) to Neon TaxBreak directly.  View the Tax Credit Process article for more information. 

Not Pre-Qualified/Not Qualified:

  • There is nothing else you need to do.


For additional training on Tax Credits, please view the Complete Tax Credit Processing eLearning Lesson: