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Blackout Dates: How do I create a Blackout Date? (video)

Andrew -

Administrators and Managers can create blackout dates within PeopleMatter SCHEDULE. Blackout Dates can be used to block Team Members from requesting time off on the dates specified.  Blackout Dates are used for days when you know you need as many staff present as possible so your organization can run efficiently and meet customer needs.  Team Members will receive a warning if they try to schedule time off for a date set as a Blackout Date.

To create a blackout date:

  • Click WorkSpaces.
  • Under your organization's name, click Administrator.
  • The Administrator WorkSpace or HOME tab will appear. Click Blackout Dates.

  • Click Add New

  • A form will appear on the right.  Complete the following fields:
    • Status - Ensure the status is set to On.
      • Name is required. 
      • Start Date is required.  Use the calendar to select the date.
      • End Date is not required. If the Blackout Date is only for one day, leave the End Date blank. 
      • Units - Assign the units where the task will be applicable.  Choose from All Units or Customize to select specific units. Note, if a Manager selects All Units, the tasks will only apply to all units that the Manager has access to. 
      • Description is optional, but you can enter one if you'd like.
      • When finished, click Save



The new blackout date will appear on list of blackout dates available on the Blackout Dates page. From here, you can take the following actions:

  • You can edit a blackout date by clicking on the name of the blackout date to make any changes using the sections outlined above. 
  • You cannot delete a blackout date; you can make a blackout date Inactive
  • Administrators can also create tasks from Settings  Select your organization  SCHEDULE/Blackout Dates. If an Administrator chooses All Units when creating a blackout date, the blackout date will apply across the entire organization.  
  • Blackout Dates need to be created each year; they do not apply from one year to the next.

For additional training on SCHEDULE Blackout Dates, please view the Create Blackout Dates eLearning Lesson: