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Manager Workflow: How do I use Cascading Background Checks with Sterling?

Brittany -

Some background check packages include multiple background checks on the candidate or employee and each background check has a fee associated to it. As a cost savings measure, instead of running all checks at once, you can select packages where the Motor Vehicle Record runs first followed by the remaining checks. If the MVR result is “Proceed” the remaining background checks will automatically run. However, if the results require review, you will need to choose to proceed with the remaining background checks.

Packages that run the MVR check before running the additional check(s) are noted with the “(see results)” in the title. The MVR typically comes back quickly, is less expensive than other checks, and can be a hard requirement to pass in order to hire for certain positions. If this is the case for your business, you may want to consider one of these packages.


If the DMV check comes back as Needs Review​ or Discontinue,​ you will receive a message stating you should view the status and continue or cancel the remaining sections of the background check. Click the link to do this.

Clicking the link brings you to the pending DMV background check under the View Previous Background Check tab. You can also access this directly by clicking the tab and selecting the background check from
the drop list.

At this point, the additional background checks will not run until an admin has reviewed and chooses
to proceed.

Clicking Discontinue cancels the remaining background checks from running. Clicking Proceed runs the
additional check(s). 

If the DMV background check comes back as Proceed the additional background check(s) will
automatically start.