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What is the difference between Job Offered, Save for Later, and Hire Candidate?

Andrew -

PeopleMatter offers a few options when managing your candidates. These are also items you can filter on from the Candidates Dashboard or Candidates Pool under the Advanced filter. 


  • Job Offered: This is a placeholder for the manager.  It can be used in the following ways:
      • If the Offer Email message template is turned on in Settings, the candidate can be sent details of the job offer via email.
      • If the Offer Email message template is turned off, then no communication will be sent to the candidate. This gives the manager the ability to speak to the candidate and receive an acceptance outside of PeopleMatter or discuss the job offered before actually completing the hiring process. 

  • Save for Later: This option is a place to store any applicants or candidates that you are not ready to hire at that moment but are a great option for another time. By clicking Save for Later, you have added this candidate to a list. You may filter to find this list by clicking on the Advanced filter and selecting Saved for Later.

  • Hire Candidate: This option will start the actual hiring process and conclude by sending the candidate the onboarding paperwork to complete before starting work.


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