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LEARN: How do Employees complete assigned Courses in LEARN?

Andrew -

 Team Members can access LEARN Courses by following these steps:

  • Click WorkSpaces.
  • Under your organization's name, click Employee.


  •  On the Home tab, you can click Visit Learn or you can click the Learn tab.

  • LEARN will appear, displaying My Learn - Required Courses.  From here you can:
    • Click Begin to take each new course.
    • Click View Again to view a course you've already taken.
    • Click Retake to view a course you've already taken that has a test attached.
    • Click the arrow next to My Learn to access Required Courses, Optional Courses, or Transcript. 


Note:  Employees cannot complete LEARN Courses within the PeopleMatter Mobile App.  Courses must be completed by logging into PeopleMatter on the web. 

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