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E-Verify: Administrator Opt-In to E-Verify (Part 2)

Andrew -

E-Verify has approved the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for your account and PeopleMatter has established your integration to E-Verify.  In order to use E-Verify successfully, there are two additional steps to complete within PeopleMatter:    

  1. Set-Up: How do I configure the states and locations that will use E-Verify?
  2. How do I access E-Verify Training in PeopleMatter?


Please note the following additional information about E-Verify:

Note about E-Verify Cases Start Date:

  • E-Verify allows participating employers to electronically verify the employment eligibility of only their newly hired employees. The signature date of your Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is the earliest date that you may process E-Verify cases within PeopleMatter. Team Members with start dates prior to that MOU signature should not have E-Verify cases opened in PeopleMatter.

Click here to access the E-Verify Self Assessment Guide:

  • E-Verify requires each user has a separate, individual login.  Your team will be out of compliance and at risk if audited by DHS; employer audits are expected to increase due to increased DHS budget/staff according to the legal experts we work with for I-9 and E-Verify enhancements.   
    • The E-Verify Self-Assessment Guide (SAG) for Web Services Users assists participating employers in complying with the E-Verify user requirements. 
    • “Does each user have a separate user ID and password?” (p4, Question 1.1)
    • In the PeopleMatter Terms and Conditions signed during the user's Account Creation process, the user agrees to keep login information confidential for this reason. 

Click here to access the E-Verify Training Requirements and Guidelines:

  • The PeopleMatter Administrators and Managers that complete the Form I-9 or that interact with E-Verify Cases will be required to complete a training course and test within the PeopleMatter system before being able to access the Form I-9 or E-Verify.
  • PeopleMatter provides initial and update training to each user and requires users pass the knowledge test at 70% in order to access E-Verify.   
      • "Only allow users who have achieved a passing score of at least 70% on the knowledge test to access E-Verify” (Page 1, Item A, Bullet 5)
      • With a shared login, individuals who have not passed the required test may access E-Verify in conflict with the requirement.
  • If Audited, DHS may request a history of each individual’s E-Verify training history which is not possible when using a shared login.  
    • "Maintain records of successful completion of the knowledge test.  Record this information in a format that can be submitted to E-Verify if requested or shown on-site in case of an audit. Record the following information: Name of individual who attended training, date of knowledge test, knowledge test." (Page 1, Item A, Bullet 4)                         

Click here to access E-Verify Posters:

  • Please note that in addition to the basic employment law posters all U.S. employers are required to display, your company will now need to post specialized E-Verify posters. The attached bilingual E-Verify & Right To Work Posters will help communicating the rights of employees for the E-Verify programs.