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Courses: How do I create a course in LEARN? (video)

Andrew -


Creating a course in LEARN follows these steps:

  1. Add Course Information.
  2. Create Your Course Syllabus.
  3. Assign the Course and Save.
  4. Set Prerequisites (Optional).
  5. Preview Course Assignments.

To create a new course:

To access Courses at any time, follow this path: Settings. Select your organization. → LEARN/Manage Courses.

In Manages Courses, all existing courses will appear.  To create a new course, click Add a Course.


Along the left side of the screen, you will see Course Progress. This will display your progress in completing the steps required for creating a course. A checkmark will appear after you complete each step.


Step One. Add Course Information

Complete the following fields:

  1. Course Name is required. Notice you can click Add Spanish Translation for this field.
  2. Course Description is required. Notice you can click Add Spanish Translation for this field.
  3. Categories and Subcategories are not required, however, you can add one if needed by clicking the drop-down arrow. 
  4. Course Effective Date is required.
  5. Course Expiration Date is not required, however, you can add one if needed.
      • If you enter a date here, the course will expire for all Team Members on this date.  This means the course will not longer be available for any current Team Members and it will not be pushed out to any new Team Members hired after this date.
  6. An Estimated Time is not required, however, it is recommended to provide team members with an indication of how long the course will take to complete.
  7. When finished entering course information, click Save & Begin Next Step


Step Two. Create Your Course Syllabus

Click Start Adding Content

Complete the following fields:

  1. Content Name is required.
  2. Content Description is required.
  3. For Select Course Content Type, you have three options: Document, Video, or SCORM 1.2.
      • Select Document to upload a document in PDF format.
      • Select Video to upload a video file. Choose from one of the formats listed.
      • Select SCORM 1.2 to upload a SCORM Course in Zip File format.
  4. Click Browse to locate the file on your computer. Select the file you need. Click Open. The content will be added.  
      • Notice that you can click Add Spanish Content also and follow the same steps.
  5. Click Add Content.
  6. Add a Test is optional.
      • You can add a test to the course syllabus by accessing the Test Library.  It is recommended that you create tests prior to adding to a course, however, you can assign tests to courses after the fact.  
  7. When finished entering the course syllabus, click Save & Begin Next Step.

Note: Once the content is chosen and confirmed, you will be allowed to save and initiate the upload process. SCORM files can take longer. If the save button is pressed again while the upload is in progress it may halt the process indefinitely.


Step Three - Assign the Course and Save

  1. Courses can be assigned by Units and Jobs or Roles.
      • All Units and All Jobs:  By default, the course is assigned to All Units and All Jobs. To change to specific units, click the drop-down arrow and complete the prompts. To change to specific jobs, click the drop-down arrow and complete the prompts.
      • Roles:  If you want to assign a course by PeopleMatter User Role instead of Units and Jobs, click Roles and complete the prompts.
  2. Click Next.

  3. You will be prompted to select the Course Due Date. Click Set Course Due Date
  4. To require this course, you will set the Course Due Date for current Team Members and future Team Members.  If you want to make the course optional, skip this step.
      • The first field prompts you to Set a due date for current Team Members. To do so, click the checkbox called Require this course. Use the calendar to select the due date. There is a reminder that the course will not be reset for team members that have already taken the course.
      • The second field prompts you to Set a due date for future Team Members. To do so, click the checkbox called Require this course. A drop-down called Select Due Date will appear.  Click the drop-down arrow. For new hires, you can select from a list of options:
          • Hire Date
          • First 3 Days of Hire
          • First Week of Hire
          • First Month of Hire
          • Select Due Date and choose a date using the calendar.
      • When finished, click Save.

5.  You have the option to Skip Prerequisites & Preview or Save & Begin Next Step


Step Four. Set Prerequisites (Optional)

  • You can add up to three prerequisites per course by choosing from existing courses you have created.  Team Members will be directed to complete prerequisite courses before taking the course you are adding.
  • If you choose to add prerequisites, simply use the drop-down arrows to select up to three courses.
  • When finished, you can click Save & View Course or you can exit the course.

 Step 5. Preview Course Assignments

  • You can send a message to your Team Members regarding the new course.
  • Click Send Message to People Assigned.  A message template will appear; you can edit the content of the message template.  When ready to send the message, click Send
      • Team Members with an active email address on file will receive the message via email.
      • Team Members without an active email address on file will receive the message in their PeopleMatter Message Center.
      • Team Members need to log into PeopleMatter using the web to complete LEARN courses.



The new course will appear on list of courses available on the Manage Courses page. From here, you can take the following actions:

  1. You can use the filters to access a course more efficiently.
  2. You can edit a course by clicking on the name of the course to make any changes using the sections outlined above. 
  3. You cannot delete a course; you can make a course Inactive using the drop-down arrow on the right.  Courses cannot be deleted due to reporting purposes. 
  4. You can assign the course to individuals using Assign Individuals.


For additional training regarding Courses, please view the Configure Courses eLearning Lesson: