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How do I make a job require a Requisition?

Annie -

Why would a company make a job require a requisition?

  • Requisitions control hiring for specific jobs by restricting openings at a given time. 
  • Requisitions also allow users to track when positions are opened and filled, expenses, sources, and more.

What are the steps to make a job require a requisition?

  • Click Settings
  • Click the company's name.  
  • Click Jobs
  • Select the Job from the list on the left. 
  • Check the box "This job requires a requisition" to enable this feature.
  • Click Save
  • Turning Requisitions on means that candidates can’t be hired until a requisition has been opened.

  • Once a Requisition is opened, the checkbox becomes disabled (grayed out) since there may be candidates associated with the requisition while it is open. This setting can be changed when the requisition is closed or canceled.