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Manager: How do I create a Requisition?

Annie -

Creating New Requisitions:

Recruiters and Managers can add Requisitions. Managers with the roles of Business Admin, Business Unit Admin, and Custom Store Manager will need to have their requisition approved by a Recruiter, Primary Admin, or Financial Admin before it is opened to accept applicants and begin the screening process. Recruiters have full rights to create requisitions and permit hiring. The process is similar for both.

Manager Workflow:


  • In the Recruiting dashboard, select Create a New Requisition


  • In order for the manager to select the location and position:
    • The position must already require a requisition
    • The manager must have administrative rights to that location
    • There cannot already be a requisition for that location/position combination

  • Enter a Req Number (manually or by clicking on the arrows)
    • Must be unique if manually entered and cannot have dashes in the first or last space
  • Select the location
    • Only locations the manager has access to will show up
  • Add Job Title
    • The job has to require a requisition in settings to show up
    • If there is a clipboard icon next to it, a requisition for this position already exists tied to this location and it cannot be selected
  • Number of positions, the manager requesting the requisition, the Recruiter all need to be entered by the manager
  • Indicate the Requisition Type by selecting if it is a New Position or a Backfill
    • A New Position means the company is search for new applicants to fill a totally new role
    • Backfill means that the company is trying to fill a position to replace another employee being promoted
  • The Requisition Status will always be pending until a Recruiter opens or cancels it
  • The Date Opened will not be accessible until the requisition is opened, and therefore cannot be entered by a manager



**Note: The managers are not able to see requisitions submitted for their location. Managers can only see applicants tied to requisitions for their location by using the Requisition Filter while viewing applicants and candidates. To see if a requisition is submitted for a location, managers can go to "Create Requisition," put in their location, and look to see if the position has an icon next to it.