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How do I hire a candidate for a job that requires a Requisition?

Samantha Joseph Patterson -

A Recruiter Admin, Financial Admin, or a Primary Admin has to hire a candidate for a job that requires a requisition. A BUA would not see the job listed as an option when hiring a candidate. 

The Recruiter Administrator has full access to the hiring process for applicants and candidates; however, onboarding and employee records after candidates are hired are not viewable. The home page does not have a team member option.

Recruiters have the ability to run and view background checks, and also choose to discontinue or proceed with applicants based on background check results.

If the Recruiter adds an applicant to a Requisition for a job title the applicant did not apply to, the location needs to be added to the Applicant Record before they can be hired.  They are not required to have the position on their record to be hired under a Requisition. 

 To hire in the system, Recruiters follow the same process as other managers:

  • Select Hire Candidate and put in the job information
  • Send the Onboarding Email
  • From there, they lose all access to the new hire

In Manage Requisitions, the #Filled for the requisition will automatically show the person hired. If only one position was requested on the requisition, it will close automatically.