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How do I reset a new hire's onboarding tasks?

Andrew -

When would I reset a new hire's onboarding tasks?

  • An Administrator can reset a team member's onboarding tasks in the event the new hire makes a mistake entering information during the onboarding process.
  • Resetting the onboarding tasks will NOT reset Section I of the I-9.  

Who can reset a new hire's onboarding tasks?

  • Primary Administrators
  • Financial Administrators

How do I reset a new hire's onboarding tasks?

  • Open the Team Member's Record.
  • Click the Onboarding tab.
  • Click Team Member's Tasks.
  • Click Reset Company Onboarding Tasks or Reset Location Onboarding Tasks.
  • You will see a warning that this action is not reversible.  Click Reset


  • The new hire will then log back into their WorkFile and complete the items that have been reset.



  • If you are looking at Manager's Tasks, you will notice that the Reset Company Onboarding Tasks button and the Reset Location Onboarding Tasks button appear here as well.  However, these buttons do NOT relate to Manager's Tasks.  Clicking these buttons will reset Team Member's tasks as above. 

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    Note: If you click on the reset button that is next to the Company Items title, it will only reset company items. If you click on the button next to task that is specific for your store's location, it will only reset those task.