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New Hire Data: How do I manage my company's new hire data collection?

Andrew -

Administrators can choose to enable fields to appear as part of the new hire data collection process.  This can include:

  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Employee ID

To enable New Hire Data:

  • Follow this path: Settings. Select your organization. → HIRE Settings/New Hire Data.


  • If you'd like to utilize any of these fields, click the checkbox next to each item.
  • Click Save.



This is how these fields present to Managers during the hiring workflow:

  • After clicking Hire Candidate and selecting the position, the Manager will enter additional information.  These fields will display on this window if enabled.  It is not required for the Manager to enter this information, so Administrators should instruct Managers on company policy.


For additional training regarding New Hire Data, please view the Configure New Hire Data eLearning Lesson: