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User Account Overview

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User Account Overview:

  • Applicants, Candidates, Team Members, Managers, and Administrators have PeopleMatter Accounts.
  • A user's account requires a Username, Password, Four-Digit Pin, and Security Questions.
  • In the past, PeopleMatter required the Username to be an Email Address, but this is no longer the case.  The Username needs to be a unique identifier that no one else is using in the system.  For the most part, the individual can choose their own Username. 

Create Account:

  • Candidates and Team Members typically create their accounts when background checks or onboarding is triggered through the system workflows during the hiring process.  
  • At times, the Manager or Administrator may need to assist the individual in creating an account outside of the background check or onboarding process. This can be done in two ways:
      • The Manager/Administrator can use Create Account Now if the individual is physically present.
      • The Manager/Administrator can send a Create Account link via email or text message.


  • The username must be:
      • Unique: a username that no one else is using
      • A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 64 characters, letters, numbers and @, ",", "_", "-"
  • There is a new permission on the Custom Store Manager Role; the Administrator can decide if Custom Store Managers are able to Create Accounts.
  • You can email or text an account creation link to the individual. If they do not have one or the other on file, you can enter at the time you send the link.
  • If a person needs an account and is there with you, you can create the account by clicking a link from their WorkFile. You will be logged out and they can complete their information.
  • If the person has no email and no account on record, PeopleMatter will warn the Manager that there is no email or account when sending Background check consent requests or onboarding.
      • You can call the candidate or employee and ask them for their information so that you can send them the account creation link.
      • When you go to send the link, the system will prompt you for an email address or cell number for the person to where you can send the link.

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