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How do I create an account for Applicants/Candidates/Team Members?

Annie -

Managers and Administrators have the ability to initiate account creation for an Applicant, Candidate, or Team Member. Typically, a Team Member is prompted to create an account if a background check is required or during the new hire onboarding process.  Managers may need to utilize the Create Account workflow in the scenario where the Team Member has lost the email or if link within the email has expired.  

To initiate account creation:

  • Click WorkSpaces.
  • Under your organization's name, click Administrator.
  • From the Administrator WorkSpace or HOME tab, click Applicants, Candidates, or Team Members depending on where the individual currently falls in your organization. 

  • Click on the individual's name to open their record.
  • In the top left, you will see the individual's demographics.  Click Create Account

  •  You will be prompted to "Create Account Now" or send a link via email or text message if on file.


  •  Option 1: Create Account Now:
    • If the Applicant, Candidate, or Team Member is  physically present with you, you can create the account with them immediately. Click Create Account Now.  The current user will be logged out and the new user will be prompted to create their account immediately.


  • Option 2: Send link via email or text.
    • If the Applicant, Candidate, or Team Member is not physically present with you, you can send the link via email or text message.  Click the Email or Phone Number listed.  You will be asked to confirm the Email or Phone Number by entering it a second time.  Click Send.  PeopleMatter will confirm the message has been sent successfully.  




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