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How do I create tasks in Onboarding? (Custom Tasks) (video)

Andrew -

Under Features & Add-Ons, the Onboarding section allows the Administrator to configure Employee and Manager Onboarding Tasks to meet the organization's needs.  

To access Onboarding at any time, follow this path: Settings. Select your organization. Features & Add-Ons/Onboarding.

As it relates to Onboarding, there are Employee Tasks and Manager Tasks. You can create custom tasks for both Employees and Managers to meet your organization's needs.  The steps below apply to creating new tasks under both Employee Tasks and Managers Tasks.  Click Employee Tasks or Manager Tasks to get started.  

You will need to:

  • Turn default tasks on or off.
  • Create and assign custom tasks, if needed. 
  • Rearrange the order of the tasks.

To create a new task:

  • Click Add New.
  • Notice that you can create an English, Spanish, or French version of the section.  Important:  PeopleMatter will not translate this information for you; you will need to enter the text in Spanish or French if you choose to use this feature.
  • As a reminder, all fields with a blue asterisk are required.
  • Enter Name.
  • Enter Description, if applicable. 
  • Click the drop-down arrow next to Attach to view the options for attachments listed with the onboarding task.  There are four options:  None, File, Link and Question.
      • None - Use this if you do not have an attachment and would like the employee to simply acknowledge or sign off on your description text.
      • File - Use this if you have a PDF to upload. The file must be a PDF.  Anything requiring electronic signature will require the use of a PDF. Upload the file.
      • Link - Use Link if you want to include a web address. Enter the link.
      • Question - Use Question if you want to create a question.  Click Create Question.
          • The Add a Question window appears.  Notice that you can create a Spanish or French version of the question. Important:  PeopleMatter will not translate this information for you; you will need to enter the text in Spanish or French if you choose to use this feature.
          • Enter Text.
          • Use the drop-down to select Question Type:
            • Free Response
            • True or False - You can edit the default labels of True or False if needed.
            • Multiple Choice - You can click the checkbox to Allow Multiple Selections if needed.
            • Enter the selections you want to include.
          • Click Add Another Choice if you need additional options.
          • Notice the checkbox for "This is a required question."  If you check this box, the applicant will be required to answer this question before moving forward in the application.  Ensure it is appropriate from a legal perspective before you check this box.
          • Click Save and Close.
  • Skip Integration Code.
  • Notice the checkbox "Requires Electronic Signature." Check this box if applicable.
  • All tasks will require you to indicate the Assigned To and Can View fields:
      • The Assigned To field is used to indicate who is assigned completion of the task.
      • The Can View field is used to indicate who is required to monitor completion of the task.
      • Use the drop-down arrows to make your selections.
  • Click Save


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