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What is the Recruiter Admin role and how do I assign it?

Annie -

What is the Recruiter Admin role?

The Recruiter Admin has full access to all applicants and candidates for all positions (non-managerial and managerial) across the organization. The Recruiter Admin can move a person through the screening process including the steps of running a background check, making an offer, and hiring a candidate.  The Recruiter Admin does not have access to team member records, with the exception of beginning the hire process so that the new hire can complete his/her onboarding steps. A Recruiter Admin cannot be restricted to certain locations. The Recruiter Admin will be able to configure certain company-wide settings that deal with recruitment.

What does a Recruiter have access to?

  • Access to all locations
  • Access to requisition management
  • Access to applicant and candidate data
  • Ability to create targeted application links
  • Able to hire candidates
  • Can and review background checks
  • Able to delete notes on applicants and candidates
  • Can run Hire Reports
  • Access to the following Company Settings:
    1. Jobs
    2. Message Templates
    3. Job Boards
    4. Applicant Sourcing


What does a Recruiter not have access to?

  • No access to team member data or onboarding
  • No access to LEARN, SCHEDULE, or PERFORM
  • No access to Background Checks configuration

How do I assign the Recruiter Admin role?

  • A Primary Admin or Financial Admin can assign the Recruiter Admin role.
  • Click Settings. Select your organization.
  • Click Team Members.
  • Click on the name of the employee that needs the Recruiter Admin rights.
  • Select Yes for Is this person a system administrator?
  • Select Assign one or more standard system administrator roles.
  • Select Recruiter Admin. Remove other roles if needed.



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