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Recruiter: How do I create a Requisition?

Annie -

Creating New Requisitions:

Recruiters and Managers can add Requisitions. Managers with the roles of Business Admin, Business Unit Admin, and Custom Store Manager will need to have their requisition approved by a Recruiter, Primary Admin, or Financial Admin before it is opened to accept applicants and begin the screening process. Recruiters have full rights to create requisitions and permit hiring. The process is similar for both.

Recruiter Workflow:

Recruiters have full rights to create and manage requisitions and permit hiring. 

  • To access the Recruiting dashboard, select Workspaces and then Administrator.
  • From the Home screen, select the Hire tab and select Recruiting.
  • In the Recruiting dashboard, select Create a New Requisition

  • Requisition Number:
    • Manually enter Requisition number or auto-generate one
      • To auto-generate a Requisition number, click the arrows next to the box
      • The auto-generator will create a unique number
      • If manually added, it must be unique!
      • Can have dashes but not in first or last space
  • Location and Position:
    • Only Jobs that have Requisitions enabled appear
    • Recruiters are not limited by location, so they will see all locations under a franchise
    • Cannot select a position that is already tied to a requisition for the same location
      • The Requisition Badge (clipboard) will show up if that is the case
      • In the picture below: cashier, chef, and cook cannot be selected because they are in a requisition for the location "PeopleMatter"

  • Type:
    • Indicate the Requisition Type by selecting if it is a New Position or a Backfill
      • A New Position means the company is search for new applicants to fill a totally new role
      • Backfill means that the company is trying to fill a position to replace another employee being promoted
  • Requisition Status:
    • Recruiters have the option to keep it in pending status, or to open or cancel
    • Once a requisition has positions filled, the option to close is also available
    • It will automatically close when the positions are filled
  • Date Opened:
    • Once moved to open status, select today's date or a date in the past 
    • Future dates are not available

  • Optional Fields:
    • Expenses, Sources, and Notes are all optional
    • With the exception of Notes, these are fields only the Recruiter has access to
    • Expenses monitor how much marketing the job is costing the company
    • Sources are where the applications are posted for the position 

  • The last two questions control the application flow:
    • To receive applications for the requisitioned position as soon as a recruiter moves it to open status, answer YES to the first question
    • To not receive applications and manually add previous applicants to the requisition, answer NO to the first question
    • To stop accepting applications when the requisition is closed, answer YES to the second question
    • To continue receiving applications even if the positions are filled and the requisition is closed, answer NO to the second question.


  • Must click Save to save the information