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How do I manage and edit Requisitions?

Annie -

To Manage Requisitions that already exist, the Recruiter Administrator goes to the Hire Tab, clicks Recruiting and selects Manage Requisitions.

A list of all Requisitions for that company will open, organized by the Requisition Number. The administrator can choose to organize the columns by any field. The Requisition status, the number of positions open and filled, notes from the requestor, and the job title/location information are all viewable on this page.

To view applicants or candidates tied to an open Requisition, click on “Applicants” or “Candidates.” If “Applicants” or “Candidates” options are disabled under the manage column, the Requisition is not yet open or has been canceled/closed.

To view or edit the information in a specific Requisition:

  • Administrator clicks on the Requisition Number
    • Open, Pending, and On-hold Requisitions are all editable.
    • Any requisitions that are closed or canceled cannot be edited.
  • Job Title, Location, or Requisition Number cannot be edited once a Requisition is Open.
  • The number of Positions, Type, Requisition Status, as well as all other optional information can all be changed with the exception of notes.
  • *Note: If opening the requisition from pending state, the questions at the bottom become required information as well as the Open Date