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Understanding Requisitions Quick Guide for Managers

Annie -

As a manager you may have some questions in regards to the new Requisitions feature in PeopleMatter; here are some questions and answer that will help clarify what this means for managers.

What is a requisition?

Requisitions control hiring for specific jobs by restricting openings at a given time. The company will be settings up jobs that require a requisition in order to hire for that position, and the recruiter will be managing them.

Where will I see requisitions in PeopleMatter?

On applicant and candidate records, on their profile and under quick view.

Quick View: 

Applicant profile:

What happens when I click on "Add/Remove Open Requisitions"?

Clicking on this button will open a small window with a list of open requisitions. Administrators will only be able to view open requisitions at the location(s) assigned to them.

What if there aren't any positions or locations that display?

This mean there are not any open requisitions for the locations the administrator has access to. The administrator cannot add or remove open requisitions for that applicant or candidate.

Administrators may also notice the "Recruiting option under the "Hire" tab:


This will bring administrators to a page where they can create a new requisition request. The request form will display as shown below...


Please Note: In order for the manager to select the location and position, the position must already require a requisition and the manager must have administrative rights to that location.