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Units: How do I add my locations?

Brittany -

Under Company Settings, the Units section allows the Administrator to configure the physical locations within one's company.  Within PeopleMatter, you may see Units listed as Locations or Stores.  

To access Units at any time, follow this path: Settings. Select your organization. → Company Settings/Units.

To add a Unit:

Note: All fields with a blue asterisk * are required.

  • Click Add New.  
  • Enter Unit Name.
  • Enter Unit Number.  If your organization does not use Unit Numbers, you can duplicate Unit Name.
  • Enter FEIN.  This field is required if you're using Work Opportunity Tax Credits through PeopleMatter.
  • Enter Address, including Address 1, Address 2, City, State, and Postal Code.
  • Enter Email Address.
  • Enter Phone Number.
  • Enter I-9 Employer's Name.  This field is optional. If you leave this field blank, the Company Name listed within General Settings will display on Section II of the I-9.
  • Enter Brand Name for Job Boards. This field is optional.  If populated, the name listed here with display on Job Boards such as Indeed.

  • Skip Industry Codes.  This is not required.
  • Skip Advanced Configurations. These fields are used internally and may only be required if an integration is added to your account.
  • As it relates to Jobs, your organization's jobs will populate here.  In this section you will:
      • Use the Organizational Chart icon to indicate that the job exists at the locations in your organization.  Click the checkboxes to denote this job exists at the location.  This makes the job available at this location throughout PeopleMatter.
      • Use the Megaphone icon to indicate that the job is accepting applications.  Click the checkboxes to denote this job is accepting applications at the location.  This posts your jobs to your company's job application.  (Note: If you are just beginning your system configurations, you may want to wait on this setting until you are ready for your job application to be live.)
      • Use the Letter I with Arrow icon to post your jobs to the Indeed job board. (Note: If you are just beginning your system configurations, you may want to wait on this setting until you are ready for your job application to be live.) 
  • Check the box for Applicant Flow Change Reason if you choose.  If you check this box, the manager will be required to enter a reason each time they change the statuses of applicants or candidates. 
  • At the top of the form, ensure the status is turned to On.
  • Click Save and assign a Time Zone for that location. 



If your organization is already live with PeopleMatter and you are adding a new unit, please ensure the following if you are using E-Verify or Tax Credits:

  • E-Verify: If this location has the same FEIN as others, please contact Support at to add this location to your existing MOU.
  • E-Verify: If this location has a different FEIN,you need a new MOU.  Click here to begin this process. 
  • Tax Credits: Ensure the location's FEIN is listed and retrigger the feed to Tax Credits.  Go to Tax Credit Processing in Settings and click the Save button to retrigger the feed to Neon TaxBreak. 

If your organization is already live with PeopleMatter, adding a unit can impact many settings and workflows within PeopleMatter.  Use this checklist to ensure you have updated all necessary configurations related to adding a new unit. You may refer to units as locations or stores.

For additional training regarding Units, please view the Configure Units eLearning Lesson: