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Application Questions: How do I configure my job application? (Default Sections) (video)

Brittany -

Under HIRE, the Application Questions section allows the Administrator to configure the job application to meet the organization's needs.  

To access Application Questions at any time, follow this path: Settings. Select your organization. HIRE/Application Questions.

You will need to:

  • Turn default sections on or off.
  • Create and assign custom sections, if needed. 
  • Rearrange the order of the sections.

The sections will appear on the left.  

  • There are some sections that are automatically made available to all applicants for all positions. These show the word “Everyone” with no option to change this setting.

  • Most sections have the options of Everyone, Nobody, or Custom. 
      • Everyone - All applicants for all positions will see this section.
      • Nobody - No applicants will see this section.
      • Custom - You can choose who sees this section, based on specific units or specific jobs.

  • If a section displays with arrows, you have the option to rearrange the order of that section within the overall application.  To move a section, simply click on the section to drag and drop the section where you would like it to be located.  

  • It is recommended that you click on each section to view a preview of the section on the right.  You can then determine if you would like to turn the section on or off.

Information on specific sections:

  • Select a Location and Select Jobs are based on the settings you configured in the Units and Jobs sections. Ensure these items are up to date so you can accept applicants.
  • The Availability section allows the applicant to indicate their availability based on the shifts you listed in your configuration.  The applicant can indicate their specific availability based on the shifts provided or select that they are available all week by clicking the checkbox.
  • In the Tell Us About Yourself section, there are two fields to address. Check the checkboxes if you will require the applicant to provide either an email address or a phone number.  PeopleMatter does allow for messaging between you and the applicant.  If you want to utilize the messaging features, you will need to require an email address.
  • In the Legal Information section, there are some default questions available to you.  Please ensure it is appropriate for your state and organization to ask these questions before you turn on this section.
  • The Hiring Assessment section is a placeholder for where the assessments you will require will fall within the application.
  • In the Terms & Conditions section, you can include terms and conditions and require e-signature.  If you want to utilize this section, these are the steps to create a Term.
      • Click Add Terms.
      • Enter a Title.
      • Enter the text.
      • Click the checkbox for Requires E-signature if applicable.
      • You can create a Spanish version by clicking the Spanish button.
      • When finished, click Save.

Please review all of the default sections within Application Questions to begin configuring your job application.  To create custom sections with questions and acknowledgements, please view this Knowledge Base article.

For additional training regarding Application Questions, please view the Job Application Part 2 eLearning Lesson: