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Background Checks in PeopleMatter: LS Screening vs. Sterling

Brittany -

LS Screening:

  • General Overview
  • Demo Video
  • Packages & Pricing
  • Additional Information:
    • Background Check fees are to be billed directly from LS Screening, who requires a separate agreement to be signed.
    • The LS Screening process within PeopleMatter is basic; however, it does work for a great many of our clients. In the settings area, you assign which jobs require a background check, and then the system will force you to submit a background check before proceeding with hiring the candidate, collecting the required information from either the admin user or the candidate directly through their PeopleMatter Workfile.
    • The only limitations to consider are the following:
      • Only Human Resources Managers and above can submit and view LS Screening Background Check results (meaning Business Unit Admins cannot view results or run a background screening).
      • As long as a background check has been submitted, Business Unit Admins are allowed to proceed with the hiring process.


  • General Overview
  • Demo Video
  • Packages & Pricing & Additional Information:
    • Our background check process through Sterling Infosystems is a more advanced process and does require a separate agreement be executed between you and Sterling Info systems directly.
    • Pricing for the available packages are negotiated directly between you and Sterling. Additionally, Sterling will invoice you directly and separately from PeopleMatter.
    • The Sterling packages available are more robust and include Motor Vehicle and Drug Screening options.
    • The process for Sterling background checks within PeopleMatter is advanced and allows for more granularity in which users can submit and/or review background check results. The process can be configured to block the hiring process based on approval decisions from set administrative users. It also allows for configuration in terms of who received the notification to proceed/discontinue based on the screening results.