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How do I add a location or transfer a team member without enabling onboarding?

Nick -

When team members are manually added, the onboarding tasks are off by default. This is done because PeopleMatter assumes that you have already filed paperwork for this person. Because of this, there is no need to have the onboarding completed. Occasionally, the team member may need to be moved to a new location. The following options will allow you to update the team member's record without turning on the onboarding:

Transfer the team member:

  • Transferring team members will not enable the onboarding.This action will make the team member inactive at the old location and active at the new location.   Click here to review Transfer Workflows

Add a location to the team member's record:

Adding a location is used when you need a team member to still be active at the old location as well as at a new location(s). This feature includes the option to turn the onboarding on or leave it off.

  • Open the Team Member's record.  
  • On the Work Info tab, click Add a Unit
  • Select the Unit or Units you wish to add. Click Next.
  • You will be prompted to enter a Hire Date at New Unit, Status, and Position(s).
      • On this window, you will also be prompted regarding onboarding. 
      • Enable Onboarding - click this checkbox.
      • Do NOT Enable Onboarding - do not click this checkbox.


  • Complete the remaining steps to enter a Pay Rate. Click Add
  • If you checked the box to enable the onboarding, you will see the Send Onboarding Request message.  Click Send. The team member will receive the onboarding request.