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FAQ: How does adverse action work regarding Background Checks with Sterling?

Brittany -

If a client is using Adverse Action through Sterling:

  1. Review the background check and choose Discontinue in PeopleMatter.
  2. Follow the prompt to log into the Sterling portal.  The rest of the Adverse Action process is then handled through the Sterling portal.

Adverse Action:

  • If an applicant opts not to dispute any of the information provided in the background check report, an employer can legally take Adverse Action. This is the formal process for disqualifying a candidate from a potential job, current position, or promotion.
  • When notifying an individual of Adverse Action, it is wise to use a legal document that includes information about the professional service provider who conducted the background check, as well as proof the applicant was supplied with a copy of the final report and given an opportunity to correct misinformation.

Attached are sample templates of the letter/s that would be sent to the candidate. Sterling can help manage your Adverse Action process. Contact your Sterling Account Manager for further details.